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Sibling Relationships: Articles on Sibling Rivalry, Effect of Sibling Relationships

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A range of websites dealing with sibling relationships, in particular sibling rivalry and the effect of sibling relationships on the entire family. Sites also offer helpful parenting tips on how to approach and cope with sibling fighting.

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LD Online provides information on how to act proactively in terms of sibling relationships in a household with a learning-disabled youngster. The article is a first-hand account and includes practical ways to implement principles.

The Center for Effective Parenting provides information on what to expect from older children when you are preparing to have a baby, as well as how to prepare the older child for the sibling, things you should and should not do to minimize rivalry, and how to handle rivalry when it occurs.

Site contains one of many articles on sibling rivalry. The article presents information about teenage sibling relationships and offers parenting tips on how to prevent and cope with the perils of sibling relationships and sibling fighting.

This fact sheet provided by the Ohio State University includes information about the reasons that sibling rivalry often occurs, tips for handling bickering and fighting, and ways to reduce sibling rivalry. The article includes an additional activity to get kids up and moving when inside and outside with a game that only requires items that can be found around your home.

Links to articles on sibling rivalry that discuss topics such as "What to Do When Siblings Quarrel" and "Encouraging Respectful Behavior." Article discusses sibling relationships and offers step-by-step parenting tips on dealing with sibling fighting.

Your Child provides information on sibling rivalry including causes, parental interventions and the use of family meetings to improve sibling dynamics. Also included are resources for parents and kids.